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27 Nov 2012

The holidays are not only upon us, they are right in our face. Many of us are feeling bogged down by the stress of entertaining, holiday parties, and buying just the right gifts for those on our holiday list. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your significant other for the holidays, why not consider some time away for just the two of you? The holidays take a huge toll, not only on you personally, but on your relationships. Having something to look forward to after the decorations are put away, may be just the thing to carry you through the tumultuous days ahead.


For the adventure seeker in your life


I know it sounds like after the holidays all that you want to do is sit in a chair and relax. But, it may be the perfect time to set off on an adventure that you have always dreamed of. Nothing is more rejuvenating to the human spirit than reconnecting with nature and challenging the limits of physical capabilities. If you and your spouse once found adventure something that you enjoyed, why not recapture some of that magic with a trip that will bring out the excitement that may be dwindling in both of you. Working together to challenge yourselves to new heights, may be the perfect way for you to reconnect with each other as well. Schedule a trip for the two of you to leave the world behind.


Chiang Mai trekking may be the perfect destination for the two of you. Experiencing the mountains and jungles of Thailand will be an experience that you two will share together. There are many different tours available for whatever you level, or interests are. The following are treks that you can choose from:


   Chiang Mai Trekking TR1001: 1 Day Trek Mae Tang Area

   Chiang Mai Trekking T011: 1 Day Trek Mae Wang Area

   Chiang Mai Trekking TR2002: 2 Day 1 Night Trek Samoeng Area

   Chiang Mai trekking TR3001: 3 Day 2 Night Trek Mae Tang Area

   Chiang Mai trekking TR3002: 3 Day 2 Night Trek Samoeng Area


If you are looking for more of a customized trek, there are also individual charters that you can hire to take you to the places that you want to experience. There are also certain events that you can combine with your trek like white water rafting, elephant rides, bamboo rafting, or mountain biking. The possibilities are endless, catered to the individual likes of visitors. There is no place on Earth that will give you the same time away from civilization to leave the hustle and bustle behind.


The perfect gift for your significant other this holiday season is to let them know that you recognize that you need some time together, and some time away. It may be a little over the top of what you are used to, but imagine how excited they will be to open up two tickets to freedom. Do something out of the ordinary this holiday season and give the promise of something out of the ordinary planned for after the holidays.


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